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    Snow keeping Charming in check


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    Once Upon a Time - Frozen Promo (HD)

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    frozen? (x)

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    emma & killian in the new captain swan ouat s4 promo that aired on abc [x]

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    Idk if this is any better I tried lol

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    Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

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    emma swan meme 7 outfits {1/7}
    the black dress +red coat

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    lawgeeks asked:
    I have a mighty need for a hockey AU if you choose to write one.


    well, i’m not sure this is at all what i had in mind when I first thought about writing a hockey au oneshot. but hey, zengoalie, justren21 & mrsracerx, it was an attempt. Hope it is at least mildly enjoyable.

    also, my experience with some hockey players is that the most talented can often be the most humble.

    Disclaimer: Do Not own OUAT

    Rating: T

    Words: ~2000



    Emma rolled her eyes. She couldn’t help it, alright? She was stuck in some divey bar with her best friend, Ruby who was totally playing this player and she was not a very good wingwoman.

    “Another drink, babe?”

    Speaking of her appalling skills as wingwoman. She turned to see her companion for the remainder of the evening. At least until she could figure out how to get rid of him.

    Not that he was bad to look at. He reminded her a bit of a puppy with brown eyes and scruffy hair. He kept wanting to buy her drinks, but she was pretty sure it had more to do with getting her drunk and pliant than actually any gentlemanly influence.

    God. How had she gotten to this place?

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    the town of storybrooke gets frozen ... over (x)

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