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  • I have made a ridiculous number of gifsets for this episode. And I still want to gif more.

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    Sooo i am in dire need of at least a sneak peek today


    They ruined us last week. I was sat waiting for a sneak peek on Monday! Despite the fact that we almost never get them that early.

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    Captain Hook + Pretense

    I’m just sat rewatching The Crocodile and it’s actually upsetting me. I never really cared for Neal but seeing little Bae is giving me pangs of sadness. I think Neal’s death just hit me, because it didn’t when the episode aired, and I’m really quite sad about it all of a sudden.

    Ugh, this was supposed to ease the bloody heartache from The Jolly Roger. I feel worse.

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Save meeeeeeee




    Save meeeeeeee


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    mama-regal replied to your post:

    These are amazing but how do you post gifs?

    Thank you! 

    I’m not sure I know what you mean by the question though. I just make them in photoshop and upload using the photo option on tumblr.

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    You Can't Go Back
    Mark Isham - Once Upon A Time OST

    dl link

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