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  • Anonymous asked:
    Are you going to read the spoilers when they come out on Sunday?

    Yes, because:

    • I’m a spoiler whore
    • I have no will power
    • I stand zero chance of avoiding tumblr
    • I hate people knowing more than me

    Don’t panic though, I always tag spoilers and I’ll be particularly careful with any that come out after the screening.

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    I want to gif but I can’t think of a single thing that I actually want to gif.

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    Who wants to bet the conversation where Charming freaks on Hook about dating his daughter coincides with Emma realizing she needs her own place???

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    Storybrooke has frozen over. 

    (True Love Compilation)

    (More posters here.)

    Original posts: Captain Swan | Outlaw Queen | Snowing | Rumbelle

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    When The Doctor and Donna meet again
    with subtitles requested by: 

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    It suddenly makes sense that Colin knew it was National Burger Day yesterday. I bet he was checking his dates for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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Are you even real? Lmao


    Are you even real? Lmao

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    ouat  unf 

    #i woke up like dis #flawless

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    Writers Block 7


    Summary: Killian Jones has a way with words. Or he used to… but after the accident things weren’t the same. When he fires his editor the publishing company sends him someone new to determine if his career can be salvaged or if he’s a lost cause…

    Part 1 on FF / tumblr

    Part 7 on FF:


    "You’re drunk, Killian."

    He nodded into her shoulder then pulled her back to lean against the back of the couch with him. His head dropped onto her shoulder heavily and his breathing began to even out. When he sleepily whispered “Please? Don’t go?” she realized there was no way she was going to be able to refuse. At least this way she knew he’d be around when Regina called tomorrow, right?

    She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by a soft snoring. “Fine Killian, I’ll stay,” she murmured.


    She woke to a pounding on the door. Confusion set in rapidly and she tried to sit up. A difficult endeavor, it turned out with an unconscious Killian leaning heavily against her, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. When did that happen? The pounding on his door sounded again. He gave a little grunt of displeasure but otherwise didn’t so much as stir in his sleep. She wondered again exactly how much he’d had to drink as she wriggled her way out of his arms.

    Glancing through the peephole was the plan but was rendered unnecessary when a voice called through the door.

    "Dammit Jones, get your drunk ass off the floor and open up or I swear I’ll break your door down!"

    Read More

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    cs ff  fic rec